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  • Good Trading Platform for beginners
  • Well established and reliable company
  • Easy Withdrawal
  • Easy to get started
  • Offers $100 free bitcoin to new users
  • Users are not completely anonymous
  • Supports only a few cryptocurrencies
  • Reasonable but not the lowest fees

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24XploiTTrade Introduction

24XploiTTrade is an online Broker for cryptocurrency investment where you can easily invest in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and earn profit. Today they are one of the world’s largest Bitcoin company with more than 3 million users in over 30 countries. It’s a company with high security and reliability on the crypto market. 24XploiTTrade focuses on building safe products that are easy to use for beginners.

In this review, we will go through their entire business. You will learn how 24XploiTTrade started and became the world’s largest company on the Bitcoin market. How to use their online wallet and safely invest your cryptocurrency. What security measures are available and how 24XploiTTrade protects your cryptocurrencies. How good their privacy policy for user accounts is and what to think about. What fees and limits exist for different products. We will also review the user experience and all features.

At the end, we will show you how to open an account and invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on their platform. Lastly, we have included website screenshots and listed all pros and cons of 24XploiTTrade. Below you can read our overview of some sections from this review.

24XploiTTrade Background

24XploiTTrade was founded in 2008 and is based in, London United Kingdom. The company has major investors and has grown rapidly in recent years on the crypto market. Today, 24XploiTTrade is one of the world’s largest Bitcoin company throughout more than 30 countries in 10 different languages. 24XploiTTrade works closely with regulatory authorities and has been licensed in almost all states in the United States. This is one of the reasons why the company is trustworthy and has high security.

Online Wallet

Here you will find one of the safest online wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum. There are advanced security features that other Trading platform don’t offer. 24XploiTTrade both protects and controls all private keys which are used in the blockchain to verify ownership of the cryptocurrency. In that way, 24XploiTTrade works more like a bank instead of a regular Bitcoin wallet. Once you have Recieved your profit at 24XploiTTrade, we strongly recommend that you transfer the money to your personal wallet for control of your own private keys. Read more in the 24XploiTTrade Online Wallet section below.

User Experience

Their platform has a simple interface that fits well for beginners in the crypto market. 24XploiTTrade has focused on simplifying investment process of bitcoin to attract new users. At the same time, the GDAX Trading is linked to your 24XploiTTrade wallet, which offers professional traders all the order options and trading tools needed. 24XploiTTrade currently has the best user experience of all Bitcoin Trading. They also have a good app for Android and iOS.

Security and Protection

24XploiTTrade is well-financed and has invested a lot in its security. From a security point of view, 24XploiTTrade has the best cryptocurrency Trading. The company protects your bitcoin through backup management and offline storage of cryptocurrency. Your private keys, needed to sign transactions, are divided into pieces and stored on paper and offline hard drives in different locations with backups. If you live in the United States, your money is protected with FDIC Insurance up to $250,000 from the government.

Fees and Limits

24XploiTTrade has generous Trading fees on their platform and, according to us, reasonable fees. There are Trading with lower beginner fees. However, their user experience is usually significantly worse. 24XploiTTrade has the simplest buying process on the market, and their fees are between 1.49% and 3.99%. This depends on your Investment plan. Further down, you will find more information with a complete table of all fees for different countries and payment methods.


24xploittrade company
24xploittrade bitcoin wallet

24xploittrade Online Wallet

We believe that 24xploittrade has one of the safest online wallets for Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum. According to them and confirmed by independent reports, more than 98% of all cryptocurrencies are stored in cold storage. 24xploittrade protects your money in a similar way to banks. Private keys are divided into pieces and stored on paper and offline hard drives in different locations with backups.

Login details for your 24xploittrade account are hashed and encrypted on their servers. However, that doesn’t prevent anyone from accessing your copy of the password. You need to keep your password safe, and we recommend that you use two-factor authentication (2FA) for login and withdrawal.

24xploittrade both protects and controls all private keys. In that way, they work more like a bank than a regular bitcoin wallet. Once you have Recieved profit, we strongly recommend that you transfer your cryptocurrencies to a wallet where you control your private keys. Buying a hardware wallet is the safest way to protect your cryptocurrency.

24xploittrade dashboard

User Experience and Features

24xploittrade has a clean design and interface making it easy for beginners to invest bitcoin. The company has focused on users who want to Invest cryptocurrency for the first time. That is clear as their platform is easy to use and understand for everyone. At their website you will find various chatting software to enable you contact their online customer representatives to discuss any issues.

The platform has a web interface with all necessary features for Trading cryptocurrencies. There is a dashboard with all relevant information and detailed reporting tools. If you want to use more order options and trading tools, you can use their GDAX Trading that is linked to your wallet at 24xploittrade.

There is an app for iOS and Android with all available features. When you sign up for mobile, you need to perform email verification and two-factor authentication (2FA). You can also choose a PIN for additional protection and app shutdown function if your phone would disappear or be stolen. 24xploittrade also has an API (Application programming interface) that allows you to integrate the platform and create more user-friendly features. This can be helpful if you’re an app developer, store owner or trader.

24xploittrade is available in over 30 countries with 10 different languages and expands rapidly in several regions. Overall, it’s a good user experience and platform to Trade bitcoin for the first time.

Security and Protection

24xploittrade is considered safe because the company is well-financed and is backed by trusted investors. They are one of few Bitcoin companies that have venture capital from well-known investment banks and financial institutions. With reliable and well-funded companies as investors, security increases. In other words, nobody wants to lose money, and we’re all in the same boat. Because the company has many investors, there are more reasons to focus on security and build a trusted brand.

. 24xploittrade has licenses in 38 states as “Money Transmitter”, both where required but also in states where it is not considered necessary. There are continuous audits of their financial operations, reserve management, and background checks of all in management. This close cooperation with regulatory authorities separates 24xploittrade from other cryptocurrency Trading.

From a security point of view, there is no safer Trading broker on the crypto market. Their insurance, backup management, and offline cryptocurrency storage protect your money against hacker attacks. Even if cryptocurrencies were to be stolen, 24xploittrade would have no problem compensating its customers.

User Account Privacy

24xploittrade focuses on being a reliable and secure platform and is careful to comply with all laws and regulations. This means that the company follows standards like KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) in the United States. In other words, user accounts are not anonymous. All users need to enter their name, phone number, email address and other personal information to open an account. This information is stored and protected by 24xploittrade in their databases.

24xploittrade support

24xploittrade Customer Support

We think thier customer service is good because they quickly helps users solve their problem but there exist some loopholes in thier service to customers. They exist a sort of criticism not only against 24xploittrade but for all companies in the crypto market. Bitcoin businesses and Trading have not been prepared for the huge interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in recent years.

To their defense, it’s difficult to predict developments in the crypto market. In one day, over 12,000 new accounts were registered on 24xploittrade. This meant that the company needed to, over one night, scale up and expand customer service by hiring a lot more staff. 24xploittrade has not expanded its customer support fast enough to meet demand, which is understandable. However, they focus on improving their customer service, and we hope that long waiting periods can be avoided in the future.

24xploittrade open account

Opening Account

1. Account Registration

It’s fast and easy to open an account on 24xploittrade. Users need to enter a first and last name, email address and password. That’s all you need to fill in when registering. Lastly, agree to their Terms and condition and Privacy Policy, and verify that you are not a robot with reCAPTCHA. Soon afterward, you will receive an email verification to complete your account registration. Open an account here and buy or sell for $100 or more to get $100 free bitcoin!

2. Profile Details

When your email address has been verified, you will get access to your 24xploittrade account. There you can fill in volunteer information for your profile. The Investment Plan you choose, the higher The profit margin on your account.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Screenshots of 24xploittrade

24xploittrade home page
24xploittrade dashboard
24xploittrade features
24xploittrade wallet

Pros and Cons with 24xploittrade

  • Good Trading platform for beginners
  • Well established and reliable company
  • Secure storage of bitcoins in their vault
  • Easy to get started
  • Offers $100 free bitcoin to new users
  • Users are completely anonymous
  • Supports only a few cryptocurrencies
  • Reasonable but not the lowest fees

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Dave - September 10

This Is One Of The Best Thing That Have Ever Happen To Me And My Family. This Platform Is The Best So Far

George Gray - 25/05/2010

24xploittrade Is Now A Good Online Trading For Making Money, I Myself Have Already Seen This.

Margaret Hughes - 15/05/2010

The First Payout On The 24xploittrade Platform Came A Couple Of Days Ago, So Ill Continue To Work, Because Everything Suits

David Arthur - 17/05/2010

Good Platform And Good Customer Support So Far.

Stephen Logan - 10/05/2010

Reputable Broker Indeed,will Definately Sign Up.I Love The Platform And I Have Practiced With Their Demo.

Frederick Alfie - 08/05/2010

I Have Been On 24xploittrade For Some Time Now, Their Services Rendered To Their Investors Is Unimaginable And Unbeatable By Any Broker Site I Have Been.Thanks For Been There For Us.

Florence Smith - 25/04/2010

24xploittrade Is The Best. Withdrawal Is Fast Unlike Other Broker.

Mary Henry - 18/04/2010

24xploittrade Customer Service Render Quick And Fast Service To Their, This Is One Of The Reason Why 24xploittrade Is The Best To Invest With.

John Oliver - 10/04/2010

More Than 3 Months Use Services Of The Broker 24xploittrade. So Far Everything Arranges. Good Broker. I Recommend All This Broker. It Is Convenient To Work With This Broker. Withdrawal Of Funds Is Performed Always Quickly.

Micheal Reyes - 01/04/2010

I Have Been Trading With This Broker For Almost Four Months. Here I Have Made A Lot Of Money. With This Broker I Do Not Have Any Problems With Deposit. On My Opinion This Broker Is Good For Beginners.

John Joe - 25/03/2010

After A Few Months With 24xploittrade, They Have Been A Good Broker All Through And I Don't Need Another Broker. I Was Skeptical At First Because They Are An STP Broker, But I Trusted Them Because Of Good Regulations In Cyprus. I Also Know That They Have A Lot Of Clients All Over The World, So They Don't Have To Manipulate The Markets. Up To Now, I Have Not Seen Any Signs Of Unfair Practices And Manipulation. Other Areas Are Good Also And I Like Their Customer Service Which Is Very Helpful Although I Have Had To Wait In Queue For Some Time. Huge Range Of Trading Instruments Are Also Available And I Like That. I Just Love This Broker.

Cathy Smith - 19/03/2010

I Can Only Say Positive Words About This Broker. It Is A Broker Who Always Shows Updated Strategies, And Any Questions Can Be Discussed With Employers By Phone. If The Flow Is About Investing In The PAMM-account, Then 24xploittrade Is An Excellent Choice.

Beth James - 10/03/2010

My Neighbor Told Me About This Broker. Interesting Enough, Knowing I Can Invest And Earn Profit For A Minimum Trading Amount With This Company, So I Did! Their Brokers Is Teaching Me Techniques And Assisting Me Whenever I Am Trading. I Still Get Confuse With Their Platform Though. I Have Upgraded My Account Already And Earning More Profit Now That I Used To Do. Happy Being Online And Earning At The Same Time. Thankful To This Broker.

Juan Carlos - 02/03/2010

I Have Not Been Trading Here Very Long. Not A Very Long Time But The Impression Is Very Positive. Several Times Withdrew Profits. The Amounts Are Certainly Not Huge But Everything Was Paid Out. They Do Everything Very Efficiently And Competently. Great Customer Support And Willingness To Help. Each Client Has His Own Approach. Great Company Recommend.

Garcia Mike - 28/02/2010

Trading With 24xploittrade Is Real Pleasure And Stable Profit For Experienced Traders. And I Am Among Them I Believe. 24xploittrade Offers Different Accounts With Different Possibilities. The Broker Supports Lot Of Payment Methods And Provides Non-trouble Deposit And Withdrawal. And At Last I Enjoy A User-friendly And Comprehensive Website. I Find The Trading Terms Quite Good For Me. When Execution Is Fast And Without Requotes, A Trader Can Trade With Profit If He Uses His Brain!

Lopez Williams - 22/02/2010

I Have Switched To 24xploittrade From Another Broker With Which I Have Traded For Almost Two Years. For The Time Being I'm With 24xploittrade For Three Months And I Want To Say This Is A Completely Different Trading Experience. Of Course Any Broker Has Bugs And Problems But In Case Of 24xploittrade They Are So Minor That Not Worth Talking About. As To Advantages - They Are Numerous.

Rodriguez Jones - 18/02/2010

I Like 24xploittrade Because They Offer Good Spreads And Nice Trading Speed. They Are Communicating With Me So Nicely About All These Things So I Know To Make Good Decisions. I Will Continue To Trade With Them Because I Had Bad Experienced With Other Brokers And When You Find Nice One You Stay. So Far I Take Over 2000 Profits.

Maria John - 13/02/2010

24xploittrade Sets Low Minimum Deposit Requirement. For Beginners It Is A Good Opportunity To Start Trading. And If To Use A Variety Of Bonuses That They Offer. Money Is Withdrawn In Time, Exactly As They Stated On The Website, Besides, There Are Many Payment Systems.

Gina Foster - 03/02/2010

I Am A Businessman And Have My Retail Business. I Was Looking For A Safe Forex Broker In Which I Can Put My Investments Since I Am A Big Time Trader. Upon Lot Of Research I Come To Know That Only A Handful Of Brokers Are Really Safe To Trade With And One Of My Friends. I Have Been Trading With 24xploittrade For Some Time Now And I Have High Volume Trades Which Are Executed At International Market Rates. Thus, I Have No Problem Of Missing Out On Any Good Trading Opportunities. Since I Trade Using The Fundamentals My Trades Give Good Profits And I Am Able To Withdraw My Funds. If You Are Looking For A Safe Broker, You Will Find No One Better Than 24xploittrade.

Patel Ross - 28/01/2010

I Have Been Searching For A Good Yet Reliable Broker For The Past Few Years. It Is Hard To Find One Due To The Restrictions, Limitations And Fraud Some Broker Subdued With. After A Few Years Searching For A Good Broker To Invest My Money In, I Have Found FXTM. Yet, I Had Absolute No Issue In Withdrawal/deposit Of My Money In 24xploittrade. It Makes Me Feel Secure As I Myself Is An Experienced Pamm Investor And I Always Prioritize On A Broker Reputation And Excellence Before Investing. Hence, I Would Totally Recommend This Broker To Anyone Out There Whom Would Like To Invest, As They Have Tons Of Experienced And Versatile Managers To Arrange Your Funds. No Complaint So Far Since Any Issue Were Handle Very Nicely By Their Customer Service. Fast And Precise.

Myers Long - 20/01/2010

A Friend Trader Mentioned 24xploittrade To Me! Beside The Good Reviews In Some Of The Big Forums, I Was Very Skeptical In The Beginning Since They Are New Broker And Because Of Their Jurisdiction. I Tested Them With 500 USD And I Was Amazed With Their Service And Support When I Opened And Funded My Account. Even When I Tried To Withdrawal Some Of My Profits They Sent Me A Receipt That My Withdrawal Was Refunded.

Stephen Ward - 15/01/2010

I Trade With 24xploittradeand Everything Is Ok Now. I Don't Have Big Profit. But It's Ok. I Think You Shouldn't Try To Make 100% Profit Every Month. You'd Better Make Less, But Stable! I Do It Right Now. This Broker Has A Very Fast Withdrawal. There Are Some Slippages, But Every Broker Has Them. I Read Some Reviews About Another Brokers And Some Of Them Provide Really Bad Execution.

Valerie Smith - 28/12/2009

There Was A Mixed Emotion When I First Started With 24xploittrade, For New Comers Its Really Hard To Decide On What Broker To Join, Everyone Claims To Be Number One, I Went For 24xploittrade After Doing Some Research And Ive Read Some Good Reviews About Them. I Did Their Demo It Was Ok, But As We All Know Demo And Live Are Different, When I Went Live I Started With Only A Cent Account, Everything Up To Now Is Really Smooth And I Have No Complaints What So Ever, Spreads Widen During Big Movements But I Also Read That Its Really Normal With Brokers, I Consider 24xploittrade A Good Broker.

James Gray - 20/12/2009

So Far, So Good, No Problems, Been Using Them Since Last Month, Quick Response From Customer Service And Very Helpful. For News Trade, In General That I Found All Brokers And Platforms Does Have Requotes, So There Is Nothing New To It. Overall 24xploittrade Still My Choice Of Broker.

Howard Kelly - 16/12/2009

This Is My Second Broker And In General, Their Service As Been The Best. It Has Fast Execution And Better Spread Than My Previous.

Casper James - 10/12/2009

24xploittrade As Been The Best. I Will Recommend It To Everyone

Micheal Peterson - 03/12/2009

I Recommend This Broker For All Investors.this Broker Has Been Good To Me More Than What I Was Expecting..yes All Brokers Have Their Own Problems And No Broker Is Perfect But Ava Is Doing Good So Far On My Side.keep Up The Great Job Guys.

Richardson Chavez - 29/11/2009

I Love Their Commitment.

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I Am Retired And Just At Home Most Of The Time, So I Needed Something To Get Busy With And Earn Profit, In Short I Need To Do Something To Keep Me Busy. My Neighbor Told Me About This Broker. Interesting Enough, Knowing I Can Invest And Earn Profit For A Minumum Trading Amount With This Company, So I Did! I Have Upgraded My Account Already And Earning More Profit Now That I Used To Do. Happy Being Online And Earning At The Same Time. Thankful To This Broker.

Lynn Smith - 09/11/2009

24xploittrade Is A Reliable Company Which Offers The Best Of The Services To Its Users.My Handling With This Site Has Been Absolutely Smooth And Comfortable. FXTM Is Undoubtedly Excellent,trustworthy And Highly Reliable. The Efforts They Put In Providing Their Users The Best Services Is Appreciable And I Have High Hopes With Them That They Continue To Maintain Their Standard.This Site Provides Suf

Micheal Brooks - 02/11/2009

Out Of My Experiences With 2 Different Brokers, 24xploittrade Provides A Much Better Customer Service, With Senior Market. Analyst As Dedicated Accounts Manager With Personalized Service, For Very Small Retail Client. A Manager Isn't Only An Accounts Manager, But Also An Experienced Analyst.